New Fürth weblog/Neues Weblog aus Fürth

Ralph Stenzel has produced a Fürth blog. We must keep an eye on it. I have now removed my Fürth blog, Fürther Freiheiten, completely, but I intend to have a Fürth page if I’m still in Fürth when I get round to changing to different blog software.

In this connection, I might mention the Nuremberg blog plan. It’s much easier to follow if you click on Durchblick!

I think the best-known local blog is Lisa Neun‘s, with all the caricatures. She is in Erlangen, though, so she had to choose Vach as the nearest point to her.

1 thought on “New Fürth weblog/Neues Weblog aus Fürth

  1. Oh, meanwhile I could move to Erlangen, cause they built up an Erlangen Blogplan. Anyway, I stay in Vach as a “secondary residence”. I lived in Hüttendorf a couple of years ago, which is the village next Vach.

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