Birth certificate by laptop / Geburtsurkunde schon im Krankenhaus

I came across Birthtype birth certificate software because a colleague was wondering what ‘screen consent’ and ‘program consent’ on a Florida birth certificate meant. This may apply:

If you have a PC/Tablet you take it with you to the Mother’s bedside by signing on to your Wi-Fi you pull up the birth certificate you want and collect signatures. The parents, witnesses, and or notary can sign the data screen or the PDF form on the (PC/Tablet) computer. The signatures then become attached to the data. Since your TABLET IS A COMPUTER you can send the data with the signatures from the Mother’s bedside. If you are not using a signature pad, or PC/Tablet for signing you still can print out the forms and have them signed as you do now.

It sounds like ambulance chasers are being followed by birth certificate chasers. But then, the American hospital birth certificate, with prints of the baby’s feet, has been around for some time.

(The solution to the colleague’s query turned out to be something completely different: consent to the baby being screened by the Healthy Start Postnatal Risk Screening Instrument)

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