I’m a bit late for Burns Night, but I see (by accident) that there is a supplier in Germany who will supply frozen haggis: haggis.de. The haggis comes originally from MacSween of Edinburgh.

The German on the site is a bit odd in places, but it seems to be the typing rather than the original content.

Der Haggis wird im gefrorenem Zustand geliefert. Mindestens 1 Tag vorher im Kühlschrank auftauchen lassen….

…muss legendlich erhitzt werden…

It’s said to be delivered through Kilts & More – you can probably order it through them too. You can even get vegetarian haggis, so there’s nothing to stop you.

6 thoughts on “Haggis.de

  1. MacSween makes superb haggis. We have several in the freezer, but brought over from Scotland (like the bacon and sausages) rather than bought in Germany.

    • It sounds as if they send from Scotland, as they only come from Monday to Wednesday, which means fast delivery in frozen form. Thanks for the recommendation. There was no room for haggis in my measly Air Berlin luggage allowance this Christmas.

  2. “In gefrorenem Zustand wird der Haggis zu Ihnen geliefert und ist gefroren ein Jahr lang haltbar (Bitte auf Haltbarkeithinweis achten)”. The haggis I took out of my freezer last week(also self-imported) was older than that – sell-by date May 2002. Useful link for the future. Thanks Margaret. Ann SB

  3. Interesting – I worked with SAP for a while and Controlling is a commonly used and understood English word, as far as I know… as part of the FI/CO module. Perhaps Management Accounting is a better descriptive way of putting it.

    • Yes, I meant to mention SAP – it occurred to me that it’s probably used there, and of course it will be understood by those who use SAP in Germany. It just isn’t English (at least yet).

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