German language protectionists/Sprachpuristen

I had forgotten that two days before the Bundestag committee hearing on introducing English as a language in the German courts, there is one on anchoring German in the constitution.

Actually this is a meeting of the Petitionsausschuss.

One of the experts invited to that is Anatol Stefanowitsch, a professor of linguistics who has a blog and who writes on the subject here (in German). He links to two earlier Guardian articles on ‘Denglish’: German
s language finds English voice
and Mind your language: German linguists oppose influx of English words.

I find this constant harping on about anglicisms really irritating. I suppose it’s the sort of thing some journalists love to write about. In fact there was an article in the Fürther Nachrichten again today.

Stefanowitsch interviewed Falco Pfalzgraf, an expert on the subject of language purism who teaches at London University. Among other things he received advice on how to behave at the hearing:

AS: Zum Schluss noch eine praktische Frage: Haben Sie noch einen Ratschlag für mich, wenn ich am Montag im Petitionsausschuss dem VDS-Vorsitzenden Walter Krämer gegenüberstehe?

FP: Ich bin Walter Krämer nie persönlich begegnet, habe aber viele seiner Auftritte im Fernsehen verfolgt. Ich würde sagen: Der Mann glänzt weder durch Sachlichkeit noch durch Selbstbeherrschung. Zu beidem würde ich Ihnen raten.

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