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Julie Galante is self-described in her weblog This non-American life as ‘A travel-addicted American expatriate who has lived in Italy, Germany, and now Switzerland.’ – now apparently moving to Munich:

Have I mentioned how very, very excited I am to be moving to a place where they speak REAL GERMAN? Yeah yeah yeah, I know there’s an incomprehensible Bavarian dialect that lurks around, but when you’re not talking to drunk farmers, High German is the default language in Munich. High German, the German I know, love, and most importantly, UNDERSTAND. Yippee!

In honor of my impending return to German-land, I’d like to share a couple of my favorite German words and expressions. Perhaps you’ll even glimpse a bit of why I love this language so (although at the moment, I’m thinking my love for it is purely based on the fact that it’s not Swiss German). Apologies for any misspellings – it’s been years since I’ve actually written in German…

The words include Arschgeweih and Vokuhila.

(Via Blogwiese)

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  1. Am I the only one to find the “samt 9,47 %” Zinsen a bit ambigous? To me, samt would normally suggest that the interest has already been added to the sum stated before, though based on the context that would be unlikely.

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