Football season begins/Anfang des Fußballjahres in Fürth

This is a bit worrying. With Bayern Munich coming on Saturday – we’re already out of the cup – I wonder if this initiative to wrap the Rathaus tower in an image of turf bodes ill.

This is the artist, Thor van Horn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look very green from the distance, which is all we have.

But still, the prospective image looks greener. Maybe he’ll do more tomorrow.

In more good news for Fürth, it turns out that Lionel Messi has been keeping masses of cats in a back building here. Now they’ve taken them away from him, maybe he can play for us on Saturday. That would send fear into the hearts of those Schweinsteigers.

Here’s a picture from a few weeks ago. I was very taken with the fan’s green crutches.

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