The German Law of Torts

While I was away, the German Law Journal appeared again. It’s a good resource to have online.
The very positive review of Basil Markesinis and Hannes Unberath, The German Law of Torts: a Comparative Treatise, ISBN 1-84113-297-7 (4th edition) reminded me what a wonderful book it is and that I never read enough of the third edition. Reading Markesinis’s faculty biography
at the University of Texas at Austin, I have a feeling he doesn’t need any advertising from me (he’s at University College London with a profile too). The book is expensive, but very full and very good. I recommend the review and will quote a small bit:
Germans are likely to learn much that is unexpected about themselves from the perspective of the foreign observer. It is understandable that the former president of the Federal Court of Justice, Walter Odersky, wrote such an appreciative, even grateful, foreword to the book: where else does German law find a platform with such a far-reaching, international impact?

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