The Times

The Times (I mean the London one) has a law section every Tuesday. You have to register, but it’s free (unlike their law archive). Today there was an amusing article by an actor who works training barristers, about the intellectual abilities of some of his students (You don’t have to be an idiot to become a lawyer …). I quote:

‘There was sometimes a scary lack of awareness of the basic facts of life. I was the husband in a domestic dispute and my barrister was investigating my case.

“You say you haven’t had sexual relations with your wife for a year and yet you have a ten-month-old child.”

I admitted this was true.

“Well I fail to see how that’s possible.” ‘

The students do seem to have the language down though.

I should add that there are two columns, a number of articles and some regular pages such as news, lawyer of the week, diary and the City of London.

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