Bundeskriminalamt crime statistics

Via disLEXia, the information that the German crime statistics for 2002 are accompanied by a summary in English.
This English summary is a bit confusing: I couldn’t find an equivalent German file, and it was difficult to match the German terms up with the English because so few are cited and the sequence is different from that in the main document.However, each group of offences has a number, so eventually I could see what the original terms were.
My impression of the English text is that a lot of the terminology is in order, although the prepositions in the accompanying material are not. (extrapolation of, counted like completed acts, changes of the population). I suppose they rely on the Federal Ministry of Justice translation of the Criminal Code (via the German Law Archive) and put their document together themselves. But no, I see that translation has the heading Crimes against Personal Freedom, whereas the crime statistics summar has Felonies and misdemeanours against the personal liberty.
I am really curious to know who decides these translations.

Instead of Murder and manslaughter, I think they should have written Murder and voluntary manslaughter, which is what Totschlag is – involuntary manslaughter is more like Fahrlässige Tötung.

My real complaint is about how they handled Beleidigung, but I will make a separate entry for that.

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