Eurovision Song Contest

I am recovering from a day at the annual general meeting of the Bavarian chapter of the BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer) typing up this blog with the Eurovision Song Contest in the background. I won’t offer a comparison of the two experiences.

The Wikipedia has nothing on the BDÜ but it has an entry on the Eurovision Song Contest. This was news to me (the second bit about the two-day event):

bq. Up until 2003 entry to the Eurovision song contest also requires the country to have performed with a reasonable amount of success for the previous few years. France, Germany, Spain and the UK automatically qualify.

bq. At the beginning of 2003 the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided to make the Eurovision Song Contest a two day event as from 2004. This means that the previous restrictions for countries to participate will be dropped. Any EBU member country will be able to participate in any given year.Here is a German site about the Song Contest.

Following up on a reference in the Wikipedia, here is information about a Eurovision Song Contest drinking game (too late for this evening, I’m afraid).

And here is the BBC on how to host an ESC party.

Some things about the Song Contest we deserve after the Beatles, in Michelle, murdered the French language (“sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble(s)”). Or is my memory about French mistaken?

I was really looking for links on the kind of English represented by most of the songs, but have not yet found any. I had better stop here, since if Turkey wins, as looks probable, it may get very noisy here in the centre of Fürth (perhaps to compensate for whatever Greuther Fürth, the local football team, manage tomorrow).

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