What is a blog?

Microdoc News (Elwyn Jenkins), amending Dave Winer and James Snell (see below), says blogging to yourself is like the sound of one hand clapping. (I thought the sound of one hand clapping was supposed to be a good thing?)

So it was interesting to read in Handakte WebLAWg that two German law bloggers (these can at least be counted on the fingers of one hand) met outside Mainz Cathedral yesterday (Historischer Händedruck – but did they pick up a copy of my translation of the cathedral guide?)

Meanwhile, I can symbolize a link only by offering a picture of Udo‘s very nice pen (Vielen Dank!):

pen4w.jpgOn May 23, Dave Winer, at Harvard Law Weblogs, defined a weblog as follows:

bq. A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.

He did go on, however, to add more to the definition. And in any case, the definition was posted in order to start a discussion and arrive at a better definition.

Then James Snell, at snellspace, qualified the definition:

bq. If I were to give a “technical” definition of a weblog, it would be this: a chronologically ordered collection of independent “thought bubbles” published and accessed using open Internet technologies.

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