German legal stationery

It is hard to find pictures of German legal stationery online. At Dreske & Krüger they do have a PDF file of their catalogue online (click on Reno Shop), and there you can see seals (Siegelsterne, Siegelpressen) and deed straps (Aktengurte).

Soldan also have some pictures online (are they related to the boiled sweet manufacturer in Nürnberg?). They have a lot of eyelet punches (Ösapparate). I once got a cheap eyelet punch from Manufactum, made in China, but not only was it hard to use, the last straw came when I certified several translations and sent them to a client by post, the eyelets were caught in the machinery of the German post office and ripped the whole envelope open, and they glued it together again, getting sticky tape over the documents, and wrote ‘Sorry!’ over it (I believe they used the English word, which seems to have some cachet in Germany).

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