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From a circular:

bq. The Jean Monnet Center has revamped its European interest links.
Our links are organized in a two tier manner:
Weiler’s Web lists Joseph Weiler’s personal Top 10 list of European
research interest links. This list, like Top of the Pops is fluid and subject
to challenge and persuasion. European Interest Links on the Jean Monnet
Home Page Tool Bar lists in a more systematic and comprehensive
fashion the links found most useful by the Jean Monnet Center community.Click on Joseph Weiler’s personal Top 10 and find at least nine links for EU resources. No. 5, food, has 632 links to European recipes, all in English as far as I checked. There are six links related to haggis, for instance. Some of the difficulties of integrating the EU might be illustrated by this story about deep-fried pizza:

bq. The Scottish comedian, Bruce Morton tells the story that he didn’t realise until he was eighteen, that you aren’t meant to deep-fry pizza! Apparently, he discovered this when he took a girl out to an Italian restaurant to try and impress her. He ordered a pizza, and received a gorgeous 12-inch cheese and tomato laden one. “Excuse me!” he exclaimed, calling the waiter. “Do you expect me to eat this pizza raw??”

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