German bread / Korianderbrot

While looking for information on Google, I saw KerLeone’s video ‘short story’ called Korianderbrot. At there’s a picture at the top right representing the link. I defy anyone who sees this short film and likes German bread not to want a slice afterwards. Fortunately there is a branch of the Hofpfisterei just 2 minutes away from me so I was able to rush out and get a quarter of a coriander loaf.

You can order bread from them in Germany by post (Brot per Mausklick), and even outside Germany, but you have to email them for that.They do have a nice brochure with a picture and description of every type of bread, but on the website there weren’t enough pictures, but there were full descriptions of the types of bread (under Sortiment).

Hofpfisterer was the word for a baker by royal appointment.

It looks to me as if Fürth is the Hofpfisterei branch furthest from home.

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