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While I’m on the subject of French, thanks to Rainer Langenhan (Handakte WebLAWg) for emailing me the URL of a Canadian translation site, Word Wizards.

Most of the tools introduced would be of interest to French>legal glossary of federal statutes. This would be an excellent source for those weird Canadian civil law – common law translations that don’t work anywhere else (en droit et en équité, I found).

4 thoughts on “Canadian translation site

  1. V. useful links for my work. Most of the entries are worth a look at.

    I had high hopes for amiable compositeur – one of my arbitration ‘impartial referee’ test words. Like Eurodicautom, no Eng. translation is offered, just arbitrators sitting as amiables compositeurs – a term I suspect will be meaningless to most Eng.-language lawyers, even in Canada.

    My benchmark Bridge’s Council of Europe FRE/ENG legal dictionary has an entry of private mediators acting ex aequo et ex bono – certainly more usable and understandable.

  2. I am glad to hear it’s of use. I have actually got a Bridge. There’s also a FR>EN list from the ECJ – I wish I had a FR>DE one to match it up with. I suspect they exist. I can read French but don’t know anything about French law, but doing stuff for the European Court I thought I might pick up a bit.

  3. Which European Court do you mean? The Non-EU ECHR run by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg or the EU ECJ in Luxembourg? Work from the first might be coming my way.

  4. I mean the one in Luxembourg. At the moment they don’t send out stuff in German, though, as far as I know. I haven’t done much for them but find their materials interesting.
    Martin Weston was at Strasbourg, I think. It is always interesting to know what approach these courts take. But I suppose it is French stuff you would do there, not German. I only do German.

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