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Via The Legal Reader (formerly WeirdOfTheNews), the New Yorker has an article on email indiscretions committed by law-firm interns. Jonas Blank’s indiscretion at Skadden Arps is slightly old news, but there are other examples in the article too.

The New York Law Journal has an agony aunt for summer associates.One article in the New York Law Journal tells summer associates how to make the best use of a law librarian (via beSpacific).

But what is a summer associate and how does it relate to an intern? They appear to be interns (in the summer vacation between their second and third years at law school) with more cachet than most (hence the expensive lunches) who are being groomed and observed and may be offered permanent positions. An article in The Business Journal, Portland, sheds some light: Here’s an intern who got what she wanted:

bq. Summer associates are law students who spend a summer working at law firms. But don’t get the idea these are just internships with a cooler name.

bq. Law firms and students put a lot of emphasis on summer associate positions–for good reason.

bq. For the law firm, it’s a chance to audition talent and make an early and, hopefully, favorable impression on talented lawyers-to-be. For the summer associate, it’s also a chance to audition a law firm and an opportunity to add some extra gloss to the resume. It’s also a chance to get a taste of what life in a law firm is like.

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