Fo’ Shizzle my Nizzle 2

The Trademark Blog, via IPKAT (see next entry), links to the case report.

Note this Internet HTML case report: it has a ‘Neutral Citation Number’ – that is the way the case report on the Internet is referred to when it is cited.

Note also that English courts spell judgment without an E. In ordinary BE, you write judgement and judgment, just like acknowledgement or acknowledgment, but lawyers more often than not leave the E out, which brings them in line with U.S. practice. This is something the new Romain gets wrong. I’m sure it took advice, but not all lawyers know much about spelling.

The case is a good read, because of the slight distance between language and subject-matter:

bq. Ms Joachim said that Mr Thomas’ enthusiasm for the tracks by the Ant’ill Mob made it clear that he saw the inclusion of the Ant’ill Mob as crucial to the success of the album.

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