Business English /Englisch im Geschäft

Dr. James McCabe (‘Language and Culture Consultant’) sells business English to Germans – English for worldwide use, not specifically U.S. or British English.

He has a series in Wirtschaftswoche on correct English. You can see past topics.

bq. Business English ist nicht nur eine Sprache, sondern eine Kultur – mit Fallstricken. In der WirtschaftsWoche schreibt der in Oxford promovierte Anglist James McCabe jede Woche eine englischsprachige Kolumne. Jetzt gibt es die >>> besten McCabe-Kolumnen auf einer CD (Preis 12,30 Euro inklusive Versand. Enjoy!

Topics include:

False Friends
Feierabend machen!
Filthy Rich
Full Stop
Get a Life
Get Set
Golden Thread
Hick, not hop
How’s the Weather ?

3 thoughts on “Business English /Englisch im Geschäft

  1. I was surprised that he (McCabe) calls himself an “Anglist”. On the rare occasions that I hear that job title I am tempted to ask “Deep sea, or river?” – the sound is much too close to “angler”. Since there is the perfectly acceptable and more distinct “Anglicist”, I wonder why he doesn’t use that since he is in the business – it goes well with “Germanist”. I don’t see anybody calling themselves a “Germist” (unless they go around spraying hospital wards, that is).

  2. Anglicist was new to me. According to the OED, it means someone who is in favour of introducing English words (i.e. Denglish) or customs. He only calls himself an ‘Anglist’ in German, doesn’t he? and it’s the standard term for someone who studied English language and literature. He has a Ph.D. in English, I gather.
    I like his style. I taught punctuation for years and hardly anyone was interested. He writes a little article that makes punctuation sound exciting. I suppose both are equally ineffective.

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