Tag der offenen Tür Justiz Nürnberg / Open Day Nuremberg Courts

Tag der offenen Tür bei der Justiz Nürnberg am 16. Juli 2003
Open day at the courts of justice in Nüremberg on 16 July 2003

Programme is on the courts’ website. All in German (the event as well as the description of it).

At higher levels on that site you can find a glossary of law terms, details of when you can visit the courtroom where the War Crimes Trials were held, details of past and current cases and more. I can’t get proper links – I have a feeling they use frames.

It is Woche der Justiz – Week of the Courts – in Bavaria next week (14 – 18 July 2003).

This is the third time it’s been held, I think. I went to the first. A talk by someone from the US Army on differences in U.S. and German criminal trials was good (it’s on this year’s programme too). Another talk, by a German lawyer, had been wrongly advertised in the paper and so we got the wrong one. As I recall it was about the law of succession. It was very elementary. The discussion period was monopolized by people apparently trying to get legal advice on current problems with other family members. It was interesting to sit in a van used for transporting prisoners. I got some free commentaries to statutes that were a couple of years old, that the library was throwing out.
(You can buy such Dubletten – double copies, actually usually old copies – from the Bundesgerichtshof – click on Bibliothek, Dublettenangebote, Aktuelle Angebote – haven’t compared their prices with e-bay).

The whole programme to print out is here.

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