Cornell University (and Austria)

I misread Herr Langenhan’s comment under my first Austrian entry. The Cornell law site I know is, which is a very useful site. (Although today it keeps blocking out a square of my screen where its menu goes). It has no hits for Austria.

However, Herr Langenhan actually mentioned, which I didn’t know till then. It gives 23 hits for Austria, but not all of them are relevant – some only mention Austria but are related to Russia, for instance, and others are about LL.M.s.

The first is this where to start page. There is a research guide, with references to printed materials. In addition, Charlotte Bynum’s Foreign Law Guide leads to links to Cornell library. Although I found nothing very useful for Austria, there are some materials from the library that can actually be seen – it isn’t just a bibliography.

There is also a link to the Bundeskanzleramt site, which I quoted at some length in my first Austrian entry. There is also a link to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russell Square in London. This had passed through my mind too. The material is just a detailed bibliography (one can be found for Germany too), but it is informative.

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