Cornell University (and Austria)

I misread Herr Langenhan’s comment under my first Austrian entry. The Cornell law site I know is, which is a very useful site. (Although today it keeps blocking out a square of my screen where its menu goes). It has no hits for Austria.

However, Herr Langenhan actually mentioned, which I didn’t know till then. It gives 23 hits for Austria, but not all of them are relevant – some only mention Austria but are related to Russia, for instance, and others are about LL.M.s.

The first is this where to start page. There is a research guide, with references to printed materials. In addition, Charlotte Bynum’s Foreign Law Guide leads to links to Cornell library. Although I found nothing very useful for Austria, there are some materials from the library that can actually be seen – it isn’t just a bibliography.

There is also a link to the Bundeskanzleramt site, which I quoted at some length in my first Austrian entry. There is also a link to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russell Square in London. This had passed through my mind too. The material is just a detailed bibliography (one can be found for Germany too), but it is informative.

2 thoughts on “Cornell University (and Austria)

  1. Tut mir leid, nicht 23 Treffer, sondern 23 Seiten und 224 Treffer. Muß mal lesen lernen. Ich hatte etwa 15 Treffer angeklickt.

    Allerdings ist es nur eine Volltextsuche und ich finde die Ergebnisse nicht sehr nützlich, wenn man sie weiterbefolgt. Z.B. kommt das Wort “Austria” sehr oft vor, wo nichts über Österreich drin ist.

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