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The German American Law Journal Blog has been announced a few times, but it was only via Lenz Blog (English version) that I got the right address. The German Law Journal itself I have mentioned before. Of course, The German Law Journal is not the German *American* Law Journal. So I probably got confused myself.

The GALJ has The Daily Technical Term. At the moment they have
technical term = Fachbegriff
I offer in addition term of art = Fachausdruck
(Begriff means term, but if you want to distinguish the expression from the conception, Ausdruck is useful)

They also have guilt = Schuld
This is correct, but when translating in the other direction Tatbestandsmäßigkeit, Rechtswidrigkeit and Schuld, it becomes more difficult.

There is a German version too. The technical term is below the message Willkommen in Washington.

The GALJ describes itself as unaffiliated and non-commercial, and it runs on bloxsom (which I’ve heard of but never consciously seen before):

bq. A forum for information sharing in the areas of German and American law, mainly where the two intersect, vary or intrigue.

bq. Contributors are:
Clemens Kochinke, Esq. of Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP, Washington, DC;
Interns and young lawyers who prepare the material during their internships in Washington; and
Their knowledgeable friends and colleagues.

There is a link to the amLaw site, which has links to materials in German on American law, and in English on German law, nearly all of it written by Germans. (The GALJ is independent of these other sites).

4 thoughts on “German American Law Journal Blog

  1. Margaret, I should leave the Begriffsbestimmung to the experts, and GALJ will soon have a link to Transblog. Thanks for the nice writeup. The daily technical term is, btw, not daily but new on every fresh load. It appears in both the German and the English version, albeit in different spots. Like its printed precursor, GALJ is intended to be pretty open to contributors but during the ongoing bug testing stage, the blog does not yet provide a link for submissions of contributions.

  2. Hi Clemens. Thanks for the link. It’s Transblawg, not Transblog.

    Yes, I gathered the terms are new.

    Not sure what you mean by ‘leave it to the experts’. I would certainly consider it rude to criticize all your suggestions, but I consider myself an expert too! Nichts für ungut.

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