When it’s 35 degrees Celsius and supposed to be more the next day, what can you do but go swimming?

OK, it takes me over 30 minutes to get there, but I can read on the underground (better than driving). And where else can you go to a 25m x 16m indoor pool at 11.30 on a Saturday morning and find only four other people in the water? (Some were outside in the warm pool, some were next door at the open-air pool, where it’s too crowded to swim, and some kids were in the shallow pool). I was even able to do back crawl, but the asymmetrical wooden ceiling makes it hard to go straight.

An alternative would be a more expensive pool, like Palm Beach, now renamed Kristall Palm Beach (dreadful website). They have been drilling for warm mineral water. I understand that millions of years ago there was sea under the Franconian and Swabian Jura, but not why I should sit in an overcrowded small bath of it. Still, there is a swimming pool and it may be not too full in the mornings.

Or I could go to a real spa at Staffelstein and finish off with a visit to Vierzehnheiligen.

It’s about time they started a spa in Fürth again. The mail order firm Quelle is named after the original hot springs and you can still drink the water in the Stadtpark. The latest I heard was that they may be doing something on or near the Grundig site, where there are a couple of springs but there would have to be new drilling.

Pictures and German text on the Frankenalb in history (geology) here, and fossils here (unfortunately with watered-down country and western music).

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