Hares / Das große Hasenstück


This is odd. Last year was surely the 500th anniversity of Albrecht Dürer’s painting of the hare (the most famous painting to come out of Nürnberg – send it as an e-card from here). Now it is apparently the 500th anniversary of Das große Rasenstück. This shows a lump of grass with plantains and dandelions and is variously translated as The big turf, The great piece of turf, The large turf, The tall grass (How about The big sod?) Here is the real thing, and here is a version amended by Klaus Staeck.

So now we are to get 7,000 hares on the Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg, the work of Ottmar Hörl. These commemorate the Turf and are called Das große Hasenstück.

The installation is being put up this week and will be opened on Saturday. It can be seen till 17th August.



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