Funny law review writings bibliography

On the blawg review, Stephanie Tai has posted an annotated bibliography of amusing law review writings:

bq. Professor Thomas Baker of the Florida International University sent me his article, A Compendium of Clever and Amusing Law Review Writings: An Idiosyncratic Bibliography of Miscellany with in Kind Annotations Intended as a Humorous Diversion for the Gentle Reader, published in the Drake Law Review, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Of course, it is only useful to those near a library, preferably in the U.S.A. But the annotations make it worth looking at. Categories include biography, book reviews, case studies, contracts, law practice, legal humour and miscellany. A quote from miscellany overleaf:Here is an extract. The second is a website, but it seems to be fairly isolated.

bq. Kenneth Karst, Federal Jurisdiction Haiku, 32 STAN. L. REV. 229 (1979): This UCLA law professor sponsors a haiku festival each year in his federal jurisdiction class; “with apologies to Basho, Buson, and Issa”; none of the poems answers the age-old question “is this going to be on the final exam?”

bq.Legal Humor and Oddities, available at http: // shared/marketInfoDisplay.asp?id=66&code=MI&site=site: weekly series of humorous miscellany; proves that huge publishing monopolies can have a sense of humor.

bq. Andrew J. McClurg, Rungful Suits, 83 JUNE A.B.A. J. 98 (1997): Discusses the ever-expanding area of product liability by examining ladder litigation; includes top ten common ladder mistakes, e.g., “there is no such thing as safe sex on a ladder”; reprints of this Article are packed and shipped with all ladders manufactured and sold by the Acme Company, which was the supplier of props for the Roadrunner cartoons.

bq. M.C. Mirow & Bruce A. McGovern, An Obituary of the Federal Estate Tax, 43 ARIZ. L. REV. 625 (2001): Provides an account of the life and times—and the demise—of the Federal Estate Tax; . . . Requiescat in Tax.

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