Jurawiki in English 2

I’ve now managed to get through to the List of Topics page in English in Jurawiki.

The following is not supposed to be a complete rejection of the translated pages – I am just interested in what might go wrong. A lot of running text sounds funny but is partly comprehensible. It is also striking that the link words, being visible through colour and/or underlining, make the structure of the page clearer.

Large parts are intelligible, but it seems to me there are intrinsic problems in using a translation service that you can’t customize yourself. A lot of terms of art should be left in German, perhaps with an English equivalent. Even if that can’t be done, a customizable service should allow you to enter equivalents for important words (but maybe the MT service is customizable after all).

Some terminology problems:

|Rechtsgebiete|Right areas|
|BGBAllgemeiner Teil|BGBAllgemeiner Teil|
|Grundrechte|Fundamental righte|
|Doktorarbeit|Doctor work|

It seems a good idea to make a rough translation available, and probably the effort needed to remove these problems would be disproportionate in time and expense. Google results are identical, but not available at the touch of a button, and not in so many languages.

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