Local elections in Bavaria

I won’t be posting much for the next week, in particular not for the next three days, and I haven’t taken up all the comments made recently (there’s even one on entry 204…)

Meanwhile, the campaigns for the upcoming Bavarian elections are heating up. Here are two posters from the Green Party, while I wait for the general defacing of the more serious-looking posters.



5 thoughts on “Local elections in Bavaria

  1. Bavaria tastes bio, eh? As in, non genetically altered foods?

    Anyway, I like the posters. It’s hard to imagine American campaign posters sporting those huge mugs of beer!

  2. I wish the beer waiters in the Englischer Garten in Munich Schwabing sported big grins like that. I’m not the only visitor to doubt the non-political hospitality of the welcome. ‘If you don’t like what’s on offer around here, there are plenty of other places to go and plenty of other tourists who’ll take your place’.

  3. Sophorist: This is a poster for the Green Party, not very like the U.S. political parties. It is making fun of the Bavarian CSU party. Imagine that in the USA there was a Republican Party in 49 states and a Texan Republican Party in Texas, and the two worked together. That is the situation in Germany: the CDU in all of Germany except Bavaria, and the CSU only in Bavaria. And you would associate the CSU with traditional Bavarian food. In the poster (click to enlarge), we have a Green politician with an ecologically sound pork hock, dumpling and beer, and the slogan ‘Bavaria tastes organic’ (not a very good slogan, just a word-for-word translation). Followed by ‘We’ll show the black power what we can do’ (black being the CDU/CSU colour). – The posters of the other parties all show the faces of local politicians and will not be interesting to post until they have been defaced. But you’re right, the Green Party is in favour of non-genetically-altered foods, although this particular menu is probably not at the top of their list.
    Adrian: you ventured into Bavaria? But I quite like the Viennese ‘Mir san gar nit gemuatlich’ (excuse fake dialect and spelling).

  4. Yeh. I know Bavaria well and used to live as a student and Eng. tutor in the swinging 60’s in Munich – Schwabing and Harlaching/ Perlacher Forst where I ‘showed’ the München Bayern team on training runs how to play soccer. I’ve been back many times, including to the Bierfest for unbeatable crispy chicken and chips.

    Verbissen und bissig doch ohne Maulkorb mußte ich fast jeden bayerischen Ort namens Bissingen, Biesingen, Bissingen-Bietigheim u.v.m. besucht haben.

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