Reed Dictionary of New Zealand Slang

From Isabella Massardo’s Taccuino di Traduzione, a link to a review of a new edition of the Reed Dictionary of New Zealand Slang. The author is apparently from the south of England, but I hadn’t encountered ‘flatting in London’ before (I must have missed it). To quote the review, by Ben Lowings:

bq. This is the first edition in five years, and as such it marks the first time phrases like ‘Too much hui and not enough dui’ and adjectives like ‘aratanic’ – a term used of accident-prone ferries – have made it into print.

Some of the terms are surely used in Australia too (pointing Percy at the porcelain), but not the Maori references.

Here’s another brief reference (for tourists) to languages in New Zealand.

There seems to be a big difference between explaining NZ slang to Americans and British people, because if you look at this site of Kiwi Words & Phrases, as it says itself, a lot of the words are British.

Here is another site, called Aussie Slang, with many dialect links, not just English. It even has Swiss German slang and the Lord’s Prayer in the Germanic languages.

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