No cherry pie in Japan Suddenly It All Makes Sense

NOTE: You may really be looking for my other entry on where IKEA gets the names. That’s because my entries were renumbered a couple of years ago and you have followed an old link.

Robert Brady in Blogcritics touches on one of the sad aspects of being an ‘expatriate’: in Japan, he will never eat cherry pie, but even if he goes back to his native land, he will find the cherry pie he once knew has been superseded by food that is supposed to be better for you:

bq. In Japan, after some tofu and broiled fish, for dessert there is perhaps bean paste, inside or outside some white or pink or maybe (whoopee!) green rice paste, or possibly rice crackers with seaweed, maybe an apple slice (be still, my heart!), and people live a few years longer, though it is not clear to me exactly why they would want to do so under such circumstances. It couldn’t be for more dessert.

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