Disney characters in various languages

These names are sometimes needed in other languages. There was a German blackmailer called Arno Funke active a few years ago who called himself (or was known as?) Dagobert (Uncle Scrooge) (interview in German). Not that one should translate the name, and the translation would have made the whole thing senseless anyway. But it’s always worth knowing if a name refers to a Disney or other character, and sometimes you need to tell the English speaker what the equivalent name is in English.

Anyway, Wikipedia has a list (thanks to Bob Creutz for this).

LATER NOTE: Bob says some of the Danish ones are wrong, and Bettina says:

bq. Many more characters (some of them also in other languages) can be found at
I suppose I should go and correct the Wikipedia, but it seems like a lot of typing.

2 thoughts on “Disney characters in various languages

  1. A Wikipedia entry gives the names of Disney characters in various languages. I find it very odd that Minnie Mouse in Swedish is Mimmi Pigg, but I’m glad to know it. Will someone out there who knows the Russian versions…

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