Law and Order colouring book

I’ve never seen the series Law & Order, although apparently it is shown in Germany. But I am intrigued by this colouring book (you can print it out). Here’s a picture showing the long path between arraignment and trial (click to enlarge). From Bag & Baggage.


This was a mystery to me, because in England and Wales, arraignment is the stage of the criminal trial where the indictment is read out to the defendant, so it’s part of the trial. But in the USA, arraignment is

bq. an initial step in the criminal process wherein the defendant is formally charged with an offense, i.e. given a copy of the complaint… and informed of his constitutional rights…

The defendant is brought before court and told how he can plead, and he may plead (e.g. not guilty). But it is not the trial (Gifis, Law Dictionary)

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