New German-English translation weblog

Matt Bulow has started a weblog called alt0151 .

Entries are in English so far. (I very rarely give a German version nowadays, but maybe I should return to it, or at least a little summary in the other language à la Walter Simon). After all, unless I do it every time, people won’t expect it at all.

I will take up his first topic in a separate entry.

5 thoughts on “New German-English translation weblog

  1. ù, indeed.

    Well I suppose I should have thought through a bit more. The name came to me when I was half asleep, with an REM song running through my head (Oddfellows Local 151, of course). I have a penchant for blindly trusting any inspirations coming out of subconscious states, so I went with it. alt0151 would have been more appropriate, since the association with translation was knowing the code for the em-dash — something I only learned after getting started in this business. I might even change it to alt0151. Or is it too late now?

  2. It’s pleasantly bizarre. If you want to change it, do it immediately. You may even have to start a new blog with a new address, so I would have to change the link. Let me know if you want me to delete these two comments and the rather unhelpful remarks I just made in public!

  3. Yeah, I think I’m going to change it tonight. alt0151 is like a little inside joke for translators and anyone that has anything to do with DTP or publishing. When people read my blog for the first time, they might even enter Alt+0151 on their PC if they’re curious. If they get ù instead of an em dash, it’s going to be more confusing than anything.
    OK — I just changed the name and URL. It’s now officially
    Thanks for pointing this out, Margaret!
    PS. I can’t seem to get em dashes to display correctly in my published blog. LOL Oh, the irony. They just come out as vertical bars…

  4. Adrian: I keep meaning to make a note about this weblog in general, and never get round to it. I have not yet succeeded in doing the popular strikeout. I seem to recall at the very beginning you asked me to remove one of your own comments! Similarly, I might remove something if it’s in the commenter’s interests. I should have removed these comments but I won’t now – probably it’ll just confuse a few people. Matt’s original site name was the code for ù, not the em dash.
    I don’t know what you think about this, but it seems OK to me. I have also removed spam, e.g. two blocks of URLs, about 30 each, for enlarging your penis. I’m sure if anyone misses it, they can find the information elsewhere.

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