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Michael Wahlster has a weblog called Translate This!, described as an ‘occasional weblog’. Entries are either in English or German. Michael is a native speaker of German who lives in the USA and translates into German, but he has also spent some years in Japan. I suspect this weblog has just gone online. He already blogrolls alt0151, so he must have good contacts.

2 thoughts on “Another English/German weblog

  1. (“Michael is a native speaker of German…”) I am, and from Saarbrücken to boot. Very pleased to see how often SB is mentioned here. — You’re right, just started this weblog thing and still struggling to find the proper focus.

  2. I recognize your name, either from the ATA or from FLEFO.
    Presumably the proper focus will come as you continue and find what you like writing about.
    Saarbrücken is very big on German law links and the Internet, of course.

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