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Bag & Baggage on 21st September described a new blog:

bq. Paul attends the University of Edinburgh and will be studying law and politics there for the foreseeable future. He writes An Oasis—”Just trying to get a little pizza in an uncivilized world”—, an ecclectic mix of politics, business, culture, you name it.

Paul has an entry that fits in with my current archaeology kick, about the world’s oldest genitals being discovered near Aberdeen.

In Germany, there’s a new German-language law blog from Saarbrücken University, LAWgical. (German blawgers seem to feel the need to put ‘law’ in capital letters). This was announced by Handakte WebLAWg and by Simon’s Blawg.
The bloggers are Dominik Bachmann, Sonja Hampel, Rainer Langenhan, Iris Speiser and Ralf Zosel. The emphasis is on the law of IT and the new media.

2 thoughts on “New weblogs

  1. “Law” is a matter, which already seems to be something strange for most people who are not working above – but the English word “Law” is still less known in Germany: That’s why authors think to see a need of explanation to understand creations of new words or titles with this word like “Blawg” or WebLAWg, f.e.

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