5 thoughts on “Exciting preparations for Fürth Kirchweih

  1. I had another good picture of this maize booth (selling hot corn on the cob – you can see the sign ‘Maiskolben’ below) but unfortunately it turned out in black and white. I got it when the hinged top was folded back. It’s one of my two favourite objects at the Kirchweih (the other is a roundabout/carousel). I decreased the quality of the picture – in the original, it appears to be a water tap. No idea why. I will keep an eye on it to see if it’s covered up. Not sure about your rucksack question. At the left, you can see a man putting one of the hands in place.

  2. The mystery is solved. It was a metal tube or pipe, and it now carries a flag saying ‘Knoblauchbaguette’ (garlic baguettes).

  3. Here in the depths of provincial Franconia, we have to grab any tokens we can of a wider and more cosmopolitan world. I’m not sure it’s quite tactful of you to remind us of this…

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