New German law of unfair competition

The new German law of unfair competition has incorporated into statute a lot of case law (section 3 of the Act Against Unfair Competition / Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb, UWG) gave rise to a great deal of case law, but fortunately we now have Internet searches to help pin it down. Further to an earlier entry, Handakte WebLAWg and recently referred to JurPC, an online journal devoted on 26th September solely to the law reform (all articles by Matthias Pierson).

I presume this page will soon be updated with other materials, so here are links to a couple of the articles, all in German: a survey of the new law (Schnell├╝bersicht), a very useful synopsis (Synopse), and a table giving the elements of the new section 3 (Tatbestandsmerkmale).

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