Language log reports a post by Victor Dewsbery on EDline about the prescribed use of ‘Euros’ instead of ‘euros’ within the EU (see my earlier entry). Language Log points out:

bq. Curiously, the morphology of other languages is not similarly defied: the French and Spanish get an ‘s’, the Finns get a singular partitive ‘a’, etc.

I ‘know’ Victor Dewsbery, a British DE>EN translator in Berlin, from other lists. I did not know of

Victor writes on EDline that the EU style guide has now changed its line, although it still links back to the earlier URL:

bq. Now it seems that somebody has seen the light.
The current style guide of the translation service at http://europa.eu.int/comm/translation/writing/style_guides/english/frame_ind
ex_en.htm (You may need to join the lines of this URL) unashamedly uses “euros”, without so much as a whisper of apology:
“Always use figures with units of measurement denoted by symbols or
– EUR 50 or fifty euros”

Here’s a page with the new line.

And here’s a note on EDline:

bq. EDline provides the opportunity for online discussion of matters editorial and editorial business, and to provide prompt answers to vexing questions. At some stage everyone working with words has a question to which they cannot readily find the answer; EDline is the forum for posing that question.

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