East Frisian Embassy / Ostfriesische Botschaft

The Ministry of Propaganda also links to the East Frisian Embassy,
English, East Frisian, German.

Ostfriesische Botschaft: Englisch, Ostfriesisch, Deutsch.

Think East Frisian sports consist of tidelands olympics and teabag throwing? Think again.
Over the centuries Frisians developed a few very special olympic games, and when they’re practising, boy there is not much to be felt of the proverbial Northern coolness. A short introduction to the most important East Frisian games.

One thought on “East Frisian Embassy / Ostfriesische Botschaft

  1. I still have a joke Frisian passport from Vriesland in the North of the Netherlands. ‘Holland is the south’ as the Frisians never tired of telling me.
    I don’t recall any mention in the ‘passport’ of the German-owned East Frisian islands. Having unsuccessfully tried to decipher a Frisian newspaper with Plattdeutsch and Norwegian dictionaries, I did wonder whether there was any dialect shift from the Dutch to the German Frisian islands, as Catalan minimally shifts from one Balearic Island to another (mallorquin, menorquin and ibizeno).

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