German stand-up comedian with legal topics

Carob recommends Werner Koczwara, a stand-up comedian (the Germans call them Kabarettisten).

bq. Koczwara is a stand-up act who has discovered the rich vein of comedy inherent in the German legal system. If your German’s fluent it’s well worth going to see him, because he’s very funny and doesn’t just deliver the same old lawyer jokes.

You can get a CD from Koczwara’s site. I was about to say: he might not come to Bavaria, and then I saw his biography: of course I remember the piece Verstrahlter Großvater (radiated grandfather, 1986). It was on the TV satire programme Scheibenwischer (which has just broadcast its final program), and the Bavarian station decided not to broadcast the programme for that reason.

Here’s a description of one of Koczwara’s CDs with translation:

bq. Am achten Tag schuf Gott den Rechtsanwalt. Wissenschaftler haben festgestellt: “In 2 Millionen Jahren gibt es auf der Erde nur noch zwei Lebensformen: Termiten und Rechtsanwälte. Beides enorm nimmersatte Kaliber! Egal, welches der beiden Species Sie befällt, anschließend ist immer das halbe Haus weg.”

bq. On the eighth day, God created lawyers. Scientists have proved: “Two million years from now, there will only be two species left on earth: termites and lawyers. Both of them are insatiable! No matter which of them you are infested by, you always finish up losing half your house.”

One thought on “German stand-up comedian with legal topics

  1. Reminds me of Lady Justice Hale’s favourite anti-marriage law quote of barrister-cum-standup TV comic Clive Anderson shrugging of the intricacies of an Eng. divorce. A long explanation of the ancillary relief rigmarole on divorce – child custody, maintenance and property split – ends with the advice to men: ‘Rather than all that, meet an ugly woman and give her your house’.

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