Homes and Gardens on Hitler’s mountain home/Englischer Artikel zu Hitlers Haus 1938

In 1938, Homes and Gardens published an article on Hitler’s home Haus Wachenfeld in the Bavarian alps. This article was available on the Internet this summer, and now that copyright problems have been removed, there is an article in the Guardian by Simon Waldman on how he discovered it and the reactions to his publishing it on the Web.

The original article can also be seen on the Guardian site.

bq. The curtains are of printed linen, or fine damask in the softer shades. Herr Hitler is his own decorator, designer and furnisher, as well as architect. He is constantly enlarging the place, building on new guest-annexes, and arranging in these his favourite antiques – chiefly German furniture of the eighteenth century, for which agents in Munich are on the look out.

There is also a version of the article together with a transcript on the Wyman Institute site.

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