McKenzie’s real friend

In an entry on June 3rd, I mentioned the McKenzie friend:

The Times Online (and offline) law section today reports that the Legal Aid PractitionersÂ’ Group gave an award to Jeffrey Gordon (69), who was a legal aid solicitor for over 50 years and is one of only 30 men who have completed all 30 London Marathons. He created the idea of the Mackenzie friend / Mackenzie person, someone who helps a party to a court case if that party has no lawyer.

There was some discussion in the comments, and AMM said he had heard Ian Hanger, the original McKenzie friend and a QC in Queensland, talk at a conference in Australia.

Now there is a further comment by Ian Hanger himself, who found this entry:

I am McKenzie’s friend. I came across this site when surfing the net for the name of my old employer Jeffrey Gordon. My version of events is set out in an article by my close friend Justice Richard Chesterman who recently wrote an article about the case published in the Queensland Bar News. It’s a very well written article. If anyone would like it please provide your email address.
Ian Hanger QC

Fancy this weblog being discovered by a person whose role has become part of legal terminology! I will find out if I can perhaps put this article in the archives here.

3 thoughts on “McKenzie’s real friend

  1. I would like more info on MF’s with respect to the Australian Family Court regime.
    Can we use on in a conciliation conference?
    Are we allowed to use on in any hearing or trial in the family court?

  2. I act as a McKenzie’s friend in courts in South Australia. I am uncertain of my rights. Can you
    enlighten mr? Particularly about addressing the magistrate or Judge. Thank you.



  3. I wish I could help you, but I have no idea. The only thing I can suggest is asking in Australia. There is a comment on my June 3rd entry from Ian Hanger QC, the first McKenzie friend – I must upload an article about him some time – and if you click on his name there you can send him an email.

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