Sütterlin – old German handwriting

In connection with a post of languagehat’s on Fraktur (Gothic script), there is a mention of a website on Sütterlin, the old-ish form of German handwriting. It’s Peter Dörling’s site: English Deutsch. The site has some texts to practise reading. There is also a link to download suetter.ttf, a font for Windows.

One thought on “Sütterlin – old German handwriting

  1. Very interesting insight into . I’m just learning German now, and the question had briefly popped into my head a few months ago whether German cursive is the same as English cursive (or the various variations of English cursive as taught in my French-Canadian village (“Miss, why is there a 2 between letters P and R?”))… Anyhow, the thought perished quickly, but it was nice to come across this site you’ve linked. Cheers!

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