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Delia Venables, in her portal for UK legal resources, reports on The Oxford Standard Citation of Legal Authorities, OSCOLA for short, the nearest equivalent in the UK to the U.S. Blue Book (or ALWD, I might add – see earlier entry).

It was produced by the Oxford Law Faculty in consultation with leading academic law publishers and serves as the style guide for the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, as well as for theses written in the Law Faculty.

There is a big OSCOLA and a small OSCOLA, both PDF files, 103 pages and 32 pages in length respectively.

Like everything else, these are house style guides. In particular, many British people don’t like to spell using -ize rather than -ise (but I do), as is the Oxford University Press standard. That’s a peripheral issue, however. Here is a quote from the big OSCOLA:

1 Pinpoint References in Statutes
Rules: Abbreviations are only to be used in footnotes. They adopt the
following format:
section s
sections ss
sub-section sub-s
sub-sections sub-ss
paragraph para
schedule sch
part pt
article art
articles arts
There are no full stops after abbreviations.

Harvard Law School has a good summary of books on this topic.

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