Alterations to weblog

I’ve changed my provider. I was with, whose service is excellent and who did everything possible to make the changeover work, but who didn’t give me enough bandwidth for posting (quite a problem with Movable Type, as far as I can tell). I am now with, which is a small provider (run by Florian Munz) with special interest in webloggers.

As a result, I can now show category archives. At the bottom of this post is the word ‘Weblogs’, and clicking on that brings up all the other entries on this topic.

One problem: for a long time I stopped using categories, because I got error messages, and I was going to remove them altogether, so not all the posts have intelligent category labels (yet!)

The cross-references within the blog don’t work properly. The entries are renumbered when the blog is imported at the new site. I will change them by hand, but I’m not sure when, and I’ll put category titles in the margin.

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