German lawyers in department stores

An article in Tagesspiegel (in German) reports on a law firm that has an office in Karstadt, Hermannplatz, Berlin. You can get legal advice there for 1 euro a minute, in full public view unless you specifically request advice behind closed doors. However, the 1 euro price doesn’t give you binding legal advice – you have to pay a minimum of 50 euros for that.

The firm is called “Resch & Gut” (sounds like those German supermarket names such as Attraktiv & Preiswert (attractive & inexpensive) or bank names like Sparda (save there)). They describe themselves as the first German firm offering “well-qualified, inexpensive and quickly accessible legal advice in supermarkets, department stores, shopping centres, post centres and pedestrian arcades”. There are two branches in Berlin, but the woman in charge, Carolin Müller-Dieckert, is in Hamburg, and has already started a number of these branches. (Via Schockwellenreiter).

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