Guardian and Observer digital editions (beta)

Ben Hammersley reports that the Guardian and Observer digital editions are out. You have to register to read them, but in beta they are free. There is an introductory offer so that to take the paid Guardian for one month will cost only £7. The digital editions contain all the adverts, page layouts and photographs of the real thing.
I remember the Standard in Austria doing this some time ago. Does it mean that the non-digital editions will remain free online? I like being able to see several papers.

Hammersley also reports that the Times is going to have a tabloid edition, just for London – easier to read on the tube.

2 thoughts on “Guardian and Observer digital editions (beta)

  1. Why should anyone except for dead tree-ologists want to see the paper layout? The whole reason everyone’s using newsreaders is that you can get the words (news/ad/whatever) without having to put up with all associated junk.

  2. Well, I must admit that I don’t use these things myself – for instance, I don’t look at the digital edition of the Austrian Standard (which now also requires free subscription). Myself, the only English news I read by newsreader is BBC. I look at the online text versions of the Independent and the Guardian and some other papers to see more of the story and more headlines – I think (the BBC certainly only have a few headlines in the newsfeed). The other reason that would interest me is the photos. I really like to see photographs. But, as I say, I don’t bother – the day is too short as it is.

    You’re right, of course – in some ways these digital versions remind me of what it is like seeing the Internet through Compuserve or AOL, with lots of useless special effects.

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