Spammers’ names

rogue semiotics (via the Guardian Weblog) had a post commenting on the weird names used by spammers:

bq. This morning I had offers of genuine prescribed medication from, amongst others, Demetrius Column, Arnulfo Mcleod and the titanically monickered Inflorescence B. Afghan.

Jon speculates whether these come from the heirs of the French surrealists.

To quote a comment from Chuck Lawson:

bq. Of course, we probably should have figured out that Magritte’s grandson was involved when messages started appearing with “This is not a spam!” prominently displayed at the bottom…

Or ‘Do not read this fax!’, of course.

I regularly empty the trash in my Eudora. These are all the names I can offer at the moment: Zaida Coxum, Young Alford, Jernigan Fletcher, Yesenia Hopkins, Kermit Clinton, Genaro Lovett, Barton Kilgore, Roman Guy, Laverne Sosa, Godiva Stanley and the monosyllabic Butts.

4 thoughts on “Spammers’ names

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve never seen them all listed until today. Really a form of found poetry. Incidentally, I had two Yesenias, with different last names.

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