Christmas market: Nuremberg’s twin towns

Last week it was still possible to move around the Christkindlesmarkt at midday and in the early afternoon. But at all events, the market with stalls from Nuremberg’s twin towns, in a separate small square, is less crowded and more interesting.

The cities are Glasgow, Gera, Kavala, Prague, Shenzhen, Atlanta, Charkiw, San Carlos, Limousin, Nice, Cracow, Antalya, Venice and Skopje (I hope I got all those right in English). Some have a restricted and some a broad range. The Polish stall has the most wonderful imaginative jewellery, some in amber but with lots of silver, all not cheap. The Russian stall has excellent objects in wood, including matrioshkas and St. Nicholases. The Glasgow stall sells these caps with hair attached (Germans know that all Irish and Scots have this carrot-red hair – they don’t believe it comes from the Vikings, they just think it’s Celtic).





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