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Via Carob (not a blog):
The International Trademark Association has a list of trademarks to help authors know when to capitalize things and how to punctuate them. This could be useful. I particularly like the possibility of getting generic terms.

Here’s a bit (hmm, where’s ‘Google’?)

Gold Top mantles for lanterns
Golf automobiles
Goobers chocolate covered peanuts
Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval certification Good Humor ice cream
Good & Plenty candy
Goodyear tires, blimp
Gordon’s gin and vodka
Gore-Tex water repellent fabric, outerwear
Gorham china, silverware, stemware, crystal
Got Milk? Milk Association slogan
Graduate Record Examinations tests, educational software (also GRE)
Graduates toddler foods
Grand Marnier cordials
GrandMa’s cookies
Grand Ole Opry country music program
Grape-Nuts cereal
GravyMaster seasonings

I suppose it’s only the ones used in English. After all, for example, Tippex in German is always capitalized. Is it purely US, with no British examples? It says 170 countries belong.

3 thoughts on “Trademark checklist

  1. Transblawg links to a trademark checklist of immediate use to those with a professional need to check for trademark status and of interest to the merely curious, like me; as Margaret says, although it is a creation of the International…

  2. Hi Margaret,

    INTA is an association of trade-mark professionals pretty much dominated by American attorneys. I don’t think any government trade-mark offices are members, or if they are, they are not that vocal.

    In America we use “White-Out” instead of Tippex. I might not have caught your drift except last night I was watching The Office for the first time with my husband, in an episode where Gareth has written “Garet” on his stapler in, appunto, Tippex….

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