Courtroom 23+

Handakte WebLAWg links to Courtroom 23+, showing an integrated high-tech courtroom for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of the USA (here is a nice coloured diagram of the judicial circuits), in the Orange County Courthouse.

The site has superb visuals, including a virtual tour of the courtroom (plugin download needed). Despite all its technology, the courtroom looks uncluttered and dignified. There’s also a link to a cartoon about the courtroom.

Here’s some information on what is known as the Ice Cart:

bq. The Ninth Circuit’s constant search for a cost effective high-tech mobile evidence presentation system has taken yet another turn. The Court has developed a low-cost alternative to the sleeker and more expensive models currently on the market. The new system is affectionately known as the ICE Cart (i.e., Inexpensive Court Evidence Cart). The home-grown model includes many, if not all, of the same features of its more famous contemporaries.

bq. The Ninth Circuit’s unit includes the following equipment\ features:
Projector – Toshiba TLP-T721U
Document Camera – Toshiba TLP-T721U
DVD player – Samsung DVD-V2000
VHS player – Samsung DVD-V2000
Whiteboard – Dry-Erase Contact Paper
Laptop Connection
Audio Recorder – Terapin MCR-TX3300 MP3 Recorder
Sound System – Klipsh 75 Watt Speakers w/Sub-woofer
Wireless Audio – Nady 401 Quad unit
Audio Mixer – ROLLS RM65 Hexmix 6 Channel Mixer
Cart – Apollo Multimedia Projector Cart
Rack – Middle Atlantic DR12
Mesh Cover – Polyethylene Extruded Mesh XV1347
Nuts, Bolts, Jacks, Plastic Top, Velcro etc – Home Depot

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